I have found the typical business owner doesn’t know what to expect from an Search Engine Optimization provider. For example, they should expect regular progress data reports and should expect a keyword analysis up front.

My SEO team has many years of experience in the always changing SEO world. We target up to 50 short-tail and long-tail keywords. This is extremely rare.

Recently I met a very successful chiropractor. He mentioned he had someone doing SEO for him, but he wasn’t seeing any results. First, I told him it often takes 6 months to see your Google rankings make a big advance. Then I asked him what keyword analysis they had done. He said none. Then I asked if he got regular reports. He said no.

Then we agreed I would do an analysis of his SEO. That included showing him that he had a constant level of 18 backlinks for an entire year. Most from the same site. I showed him one our SEO sites that went from 0 to 375 backlinks in 8 months.

If you know a business owner that wants a high Google ranking have them call me.

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